Michael D. Blackwell is a progressive scholar-activist.  He graduated with a bachelor’s in government/political science from Wesleyan University; a master of divinity in theology and ethics from Yale University; and a doctor of philosophy in social ethics from Boston University.  He is an ordained Baptist minister and has served pastorates in Missionary Baptist, American Baptist, and United Methodist congregations.  He is Director Emeritus (for multicultural education) and former Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy and World Religions at the University of Northern Iowa.  Currently, he is the founding President and Executive Director of the Project for the Beloved Community, Inc.

Dr. Blackwell is an advocate for social justice, with an emphasis on the poor and people of color.  He holds a pacifist faith, and believes that there is always a positive and constructive avenue of diplomacy to take in international conflict.  He believes a democratic socialist political economy is more ethical, coupled with an anti-racist, anti-sexist, and pluralistic society.  He endeavors to make this perspective a reality in the United States and the world through writing, speaking, blogging, preaching, teaching, and so forth.

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